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The ripples of our designs spread outwards, affecting the work of interface designers, programmers, authors and eventually users...

Louis Rosenfeld & Peter Morville


Maintaining a simple UX process during a lean or waterfall based project, will lead to a usable and meaningful user experience. Below is what I believe to be a sound representation of this process.

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Examples of mobile, tablet, app, web and kiosk designs as well as various documentation. Select a project below to see more examples.

This interactive tool allows the user to select hair colors and visually compare them to their own image or an avatar image. After the user selects their favorite colors, the tool reveals specific product recommendations that drive to e-commerce.


Virtual Makeover Tool

This website won the FWA Site of the Day Award. A parallax website that first told the story of Team Citi during the Sochi Olympics. Each athlete's story was told via a visual timeline. The timeline would reveal videos, animations and text as the user scolled their mouse. At the end of each story, the user could vote for their featured charity. All results were displayed on a corresponding infographic.

Citibank (Team Citi)

Olympics Parallax Website

Video booth at Mohegan Sun Casino. An application designed to allow users to view their 360 degree 'bullet time' video, view other videos, register and share it online. Two versions of the app were created, first on tablet then on iMac.

Mohegan Sun (Shine 360)

Video Booth Application

A responsive website for Built off the template, it posed a challenge to design within this limited platform. Strict templates and guidelines were implemented to allow for future scalability while maintaining clear usability. Direct input with's designers helped optimize overall usability while aiding in the planning of its phased development.

P&G (

Responsive Website Design

An interactive experience that both entertained and educated viewers. Users were asked to guess a patient's DA score, participate in multiple choice questions and untilmately compare their results with their peers.

Vectra DA

Tradeshow Kiosk

A responsive website created a national chain of dialysis centers. Activities included focus group testing and prototype creation. Strong consideration was given to older users.

Fresenius Dialysis

Responsive Mobile Website

All designs implement a templated approach that allow for scalability and automatic page creation. Designs also adhere to strict style guidelines created by myself and the visual designer.

Zurich Insurance

Website redisgn

Mobile application that reads back the user's Facebook feed in a sleepy voice, as they go to sleep. Imagery, text and username from their Facebook posts are revealed and animated on screen. The app will automatically sleep after a predetermined amount of time. The app was conceived for the Cannes awards but was unfortunately never developed.

P&G (ZzzQuil)

Mobile Application

We created a social court that gave users a visual and social pulse of the hottest matches. Commenting, user polls and interactive features enhanced the user experience.

american express (usta)

2013 US Open App

This responsive site highlights the benefits of Capital One's Spark Cards. It was optimized to work on all mobile, tablet and web devices.

capital one

spark cards responsive site

This project enticed users to unlock Samsung's Black Friday deals before the Friday deadline. The experience was gamified by allowing shooper's to earn points or a status that would allow them to unlock the deals. A social court let shopper's  interact and comment on various products.


facebook hub page

An auction website for forclosed properties. It features staggered alerts, multiple views and log-in states, search results, galleries, maps...

Auction website

These wireframes exemplify an exploratory UX process that reveals varying interface options. In these examples, the navigation becomes an interactive element that educates the user with revealing content.


mobile & web UX design

As part of the website redesign, we designed a'Smart Dock' that would give the user the freedom to store any element on the website into it. These stored elements can then be organized, printed and shared among colleagues as product recommendations.

smart dock web app

We designed an interactive sales aid that engaged doctors to use it longer, enabling more face to face time with the rep. Features included data collection, interactive charts, fullscreen video and easily accessible navigation.


tablet sales aid

The template created a clear hierachy that balanced page content while maintaining all required publishing elements (e.g., ads, promos, etc). Includes 'one click' search functionality.

time inc.

instyle weddings redesign

This section includes examples of strategic documentation, heuristics, competitive audits and user personnas. This example highlights a day in the life of a RA sufferer and reveals specific painpoints during the time of day. Relevant user tools can then be generated accordingly.

strategic documentation

heuristics, personas, etc.

Included are various examples of user flows, sitemaps and charts. When designing these elements, I believe that visual clarity is the first step toward legibilty.

flows, sitemaps & interactions

visual data


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